History and mission

VisitHealth is a patient-focused company that strives to improve the health of our patients. We offer comprehensive private primary care services together with preventative health care solutions that are both readily accessible yet affordable.

At the outset of the company in 2017 we set out to provide nurse-led home visits to our clients. But the Covid-19 pandemic has hugely redefined the model of healthcare and how services can be delivered. With concerns around infection control and access to primary care services, the public now wants to receive access to healthcare though different platforms with an increasing demand for mobile home visits or video-teleconsultation at their own convenience and safety.

VisitHealth is now in a unique position to provide personalised healthcare services through a number of platforms. We can manage your everyday primary care needs, but where necessary we can refer you onto our network of leading experts and specialists.

At VisitHealth we take ownership of your health whatever your healthcare needs are, overseeing your complete patient journey from initial medical consultation to successful treatment, to give a seamless joined-up solution, personal services and continuity of care at the highest standards you expect and deserve. We provide you with peace of mind wherever and whenever.

Mission: To make healthcare seamless, transparent and readily accessible and affordable

Vision: To be a global leader in the provision of high quality integrated healthcare

Purpose: To improve the health and wellbeing of people’s lives