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VisitHealth to COVID-19 response notice

Despite the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are still carrying out home medical visits. VisitHealth takes every precaution to prevent the transmission of coronavirus:
  • Our medics are asked to clear themselves of any symptoms by doing a self-assessment using the protocol and guidelines set by Public Health England. We also screen ourselves very rigorously and will not carry out visits if they have symptoms or have come into contact with someone with the virus or even travel to any quarantined countries or places.
  • All patients are asked to complete an online questionnaire before visits are confirmed, to check for coronavirus risk factors, we do not attend visits for patients that we deemed to be positive on any of the risk factors for COVID-19.
  • During a visit, our medics follow strict hygiene and infection protocols when carrying out any procedure to ensure the safety of patients and themselves.
VisitHealth remains supportive to the plans of Public Health England and follows the protocols set. If you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us via

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