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What is VisitHealth? What services do you provide?

VisitHealth is a private healthcare company providing mobile nursing care services, laboratory and functional diagnostics and sonography scans. We can provide our services to you in the comfort of your home, at your place of work, at your hotel or your local community centre.

How does it work?

A patient (or someone on a patient’s behalf) books a visit. One of our medics comes to your desired location to conduct the required tests or medical service. VisitHealth processes any tests and prepares a report of your results that can be sent to you, or your GP if required.

How can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment by: phone 020 7776 9096 or chat; adding a service to the basket and checking out; sending an email to

Is VisitHealth a part of the NHS?

VisitHealth is a private healthcare company, but we hope to work with the NHS as a part of the National Framework.

Can I apply for a job with VisitHealth?

We are hiring registered nurses, sonographers and healthcare assistants. You can also submit your CV and eligibility to work in the UK by sending it to


I have medical insurance; can I claim for the services I booked?

We will provide you with an invoice by your request or you can download it from your account with us. This can be used to make a claim with your insurance company, but this is between you and the insurance company. We would advise you check this prior to your scan to avoid disappointment.

Still having some trouble?

Why not get directly in touch with our patient support team, to help with any further queries or concerns you may be experiencing

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