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Private Healthcare For Your Family in London

London Healthcare can leave a lot to be desired, with long waiting times, no choice in appointments and the inconvenience of traveling to clinics with little privacy. That’s why VisitHealth, London's first on demand at home healthcare provider could be the answer.

Bespoke Private Healthcare in London

The high quality, completely tailored service brings nurses and healthcare assistants to your home to carry out ECG's, blood tests and nursing care. Bringing with them years of experience and high specification mobile medical equipment to ensure a seamless appointment. 

The service offers ultimate privacy, with visits at your home or a location of your choice. Results are shared directly to you via email or post. You can choose who these results are shared with, whether that's a local doctor or a personal physician.

Getting a quick appointment isn’t just necessary in an emergency. Far from the usual wait times, you can get a same-day appointment with results within 24 hours, giving you the peace of mind that you, or your loved ones are safe and well.


What sort of medical appointment can VisitHealth help you with? 

The range is vast, from an ECG to test your heart health, sonography during pregnancy and blood tests to screen for cancer, deficiencies or diseases. They also specialise in post operative and wound care after surgery so you can receive treatment at your home.

With VisitHealth the whole family is covered, with nursing care available for those with immobility issues and or those that require elderly care. ECGs, health checkups and cancer screenings are available for adults wanting to ensure they stay in good health, and tests for children such as strep throat to get them treatment as quickly as possible. 

So how does VisitHealth work? You can browse their wide range of services online. Once you have found the service for you, or if you need some guidance contact their helpful medical team. They will help advise and find the most convenient appointment for you. They can then come to your home, work or hotel to carry out the procedure. 


But is at home healthcare safe and reliable? 

In short, yes. All tests and procedures comply with national standards and protocols, and all equipment is fully certified. Verses at-home health kits a fully trained medical professional carries out the procedure to ensure it is done correctly and transports the sample. 

Appointments available every day 08:00 - 21:00. Find out more at and visit fees start from £24.

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