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What Can An Ultrasound Scan Be Used For?

Whilst this is true, many people don’t realise that ultrasounds aren’t exclusively for expecting mothers, and are actually a popular and effective way to detect and monitor other health conditions in men, women and children.

Ultrasounds, often referred to as sonography, generate images of internal bodily structures. In the simplest terms, ultrasounds allow doctors, nurses, and medics to see what's happening inside your body. 

Scans like these are also incredibly effective in detecting health concerns in the heart, liver, kidneys and other organs. They can even assess the condition of internal muscles and joints. 

With rapid progression in industry-standard sonography equipment, ultrasounds can now be reliably taken from the comfort of your own home. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has meant many people are turning to at-home medical services, reducing the need to visit potentially highly-infectious areas such as hospitals and GP surgeries.

We have detailed below some of the key areas in which ultrasound testing can help you, aside from pregnancy. Look out for our tips and advice on how to go about booking relevant tests, and why you might need them.

Heart Ultrasound

If you have experienced heart issues, such as a heart attack or congenital heart disease, you may already be familiar with an Echocardiogram.  This ultrasound is used to look in detail at the heart and surrounding blood vessels. This test can confirm whether or not you’ve experienced a heart attack, and can even indicate whether you’re susceptible to heart failure based on the heart's current performance. If you have had heart problems in the past, or want to be proactive in ensuring your heart is working as it should be, we’d suggest booking an Echocardiogram.


Thyroid Ultrasound

A thyroid ultrasound scan is a specialised procedure for examining your thyroid - the gland that controls your metabolism. It’s located in the front part of your neck. Normally, the thyroid gland secretes hormones that deal with the body’s metabolism, activity & temperature tolerance.

If your thyroid gland is overactive, it can lead to ongoing and noticeable symptoms. These may include irritability, mood swings, difficulty sleeping, sensitivity to heat, swelling in the neck area and more.

If you are noticing one or more of these symptoms becoming persistent, we would recommend booking a Thyroid Ultrasound Scan. This scan will detect any abnormalities in the thyroid gland and its performance. It’s a simple, painless procedure and you will get your results immediately.

Organ Ultrasound

We won’t go through each and every procedure that can be performed on internal organs via ultrasound. There are a lot! Every major organ can be assessed in some capacity through sonography. These are commonly used to detect the presence of cancer or abnormal growth.

It’s primarily soft tissue that is assessed during these scans, but the images can also pick up blood flow.

If you’re experiencing digestive problems, this could be an indication of an under-functioning liver. Ultrasounds can uncover various stages of cancer, which could be a reason for digestion difficulties.


Muscles & Joints

It’s common to experience aches and pains in muscles in joints and is often just an indicator that you’ve been working hard and need some recovery time. Sometimes, it can be a tear, trapped nerve, or something else that’s causing the ongoing pain.

A Musculoskeletal Scan is, much like the examples above, completely pain-free and non-invasive. A simple ultrasound scan can uncover issues such as arthritis, trapped nerves, and more. Once this issue has been identified, a medical practitioner can put a recovery plan into place. For this reason, taking an ultrasound sooner rather than later is recommended.

VisitHealth offers a range of at-home ultrasound services. With medics on hand for same-day visits, we use the very best equipment to ensure you receive high-end treatment from the comfort of your own home. To find out more about VisitHealth’s sonography and ultrasound services, click here.

VisitHealth offers same-day at-home medical services, including lab tests, ultrasound scans, post-operative care, injections and infusions, ECGs, and much more. If any of the conditions or tests mentioned above sound relevant to you, or if you’d simply like to find out more, please search for a specific service in our search bar. Alternatively, you can speak with one of our friendly team via email, phone, or our online chat-box. We’ll happily answer any questions you may have and even provide a free, no-obligation quote.

In the meantime, why not have a quick watch of our latest video? It’s all about our simple booking process and how to secure your at-home medical service.

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