What we treat

At Visit Health we have range of doctors and specialist with a wide variety of skills and interests. We will try our best to deal with what ever your healthcare concerns are.

Our staff can assist in a wide range of medical issues where they can recommend the most appropriate treatment. We can manage your health care concerns from family and primary care medicine to health screening, and from complex conditions to health and wellness.

We will treat most primary care conditions ranging from allergies and infections to tummy pain and headaches. We manage childhood illnesses and women’s health as well as undertaking health screening. We can also manage minor injuries. We have the expertise to recognise the acutely unwell patient and will manage and then redirect you to the most appropriate services.

However, we are not an Emergency Department and do not manage severe or life threatening illness and injuries. If you think you have a medical emergency, please call 111/999 or go to the nearest Emergency Department in the UK.