About us

VisitHealth began in 2017, specialising in nurse-led home care. We have since grown into a new breed of health clinic delivering a comprehensive range of on-demand healthcare services, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

We now offer a long list of services from a wide range of health professionals, either at home (or your hotel or place of care) or in our ultra-modern west London clinic.

We know that worrying and waiting for answers is one of the worst parts of feeling unwell or not at your best. We offer immediate appointments, fast diagnostic tests, on the spot results and bespoke health plans for action straight away.

VisitHealth is a patient-focused company, our consultants overseeing your care from the initial meeting all the way back to fitness. We are driven by efficient communication between teams which is essential for seamless joined-up treatment and continuity of care.

Our specialists are experts in their field, driven by the highest standards in clinical excellence. They use the very latest technology in imaging and diagnostic equipment to rapidly and precisely identify your problem.

VisitHealth offers one-off consultations, long-term care and urgent care treatment. We also offer membership schemes and packages with monthly instalments to help you stay on top of your personal health management or that of your family or employees.

Alongside primary care, we offer bespoke preventative health support such as health plans, diet advice, physio and regular monitoring for disease prevention (even if you feel healthy), to help you lead a vibrant and long life.

Where we think the latest knowledge lies outside of the company, we will refer you on to our network of leading experts and specialists at the top of their game.

This unique model of healthcare combines immediacy, walk-in availability, mobility, the latest technology and the highest levels of service to improve the ongoing health and quality of life of our patients.