VisitHealth’s clinic is a Fujifilm Healthcare UK reference site. This means that the clinic has purchased several of Fujifilm Healthcare UK’s cutting edge medical devices, and will be using them for patient diagnostics, imaging and minor procedures.

VH & Fuji collaboration enables unrivalled opportunities:

  • Joint branding
  • Marketing support from Fujifilm
  • Mutual scientific research and advancements
  • Educational activities for patients and healthcare professionals
  • First-hand access to latest technology and software (including the “Deep Insight” AI technology)

As part of the formal agreement with Fujifilm, their groundbreaking development of new models of portable medical equipment shall be available to VisitHealth and push the limits of hospital at home:

  • Compact ultrasound sensors size of a palmSleek portable X-rays resembling cameras and weighing just 3.5 kg that one can easily carry all the way to a patient’s setting and do a low-dose image safely

Oasis Velocity MRI machine

A core piece of equipment VisitHealth has procured is the 1st of its kind in the UK MRI machine that redefines the conventional MRI experience:
revolutionary open design, without a closed tunnel

  • faster scanning
  • advanced high-field imaging, detecting even the most subtle of anomalies
  • especially appealing to bariatric, paediatric and claustrophobic patients