At Home Services


What sets VisitHealth’s care apart is that we bring our expert care to you. All of our services can be delivered in the comfort of your own home, with the exception of an MRI. If an onsite visit is not appropriate for you, our doctors will travel, 24 hours a day, to consult with you at your home, hotel, or place of care.

This is particularly useful for elderly patients who need regular treatments, such as blood pressure monitoring, wound dressing, IV infusions etc. We can even create a safe 'hospital at home' area within your home.

Whether you are looking for ongoing support, a check-up or a one-off visit, our team are available around the clock to meet with you at your convenience.

For general health problems, one of our GPs will pay you a visit. For more specific issues, you would be seen by one of our specialists, such as a gynaeocologist or cardiologist, depending on your area of concern.

Mobile diagnostic tests

If they think it’s needed, your visiting doctor can carry out a number of mobile diagnostics (tests), in your place of care, using the very latest technology in imaging and diagnostic equipment to rapidly and precisely identify your problem.

Our mobile services available 24 hours a day are:

  • X-ray
  • ECG
  • Holter
  • ABPM (functional diagnostics)
  • Blood sample and urine tests (to be sent to our lab for immediate analysis)

Our mobile services available during the day time only:

Ultrasound (if you need an ultrasound outside of these hours, our urgent care unit can perform ultrasounds 24 hours a day)The team at VisitHealth are here for you at all times to help you get better. Fast.


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