Minor procedures


VisitHealth offers minor operations at its ultra-modern west London medical centre, seven days a week, 365 days a year.You need a referral from a GP, or a consultation with one of our doctors to assess your condition and agree on the most suitable approach, then you will not need to wait for surgery, and will be treated as soon as you are available.Minor surgery is done as a day case procedure, offering you some relaxation alongside the best of clinical care. You will be warmly welcomed to our day care unit where our staff will see that you’re treated with exceptional care. Our skilled doctors have years of experience and practice to the highest standards you expect and deserve, ensuring long-lasting results without discomfort.You will be offered a local anaesthetic, or a number of choices for painkillers or sedatives, including a deep sedation option. With deep sedation you won’t be unconscious, but you will sleep through the procedure with little or no memory of it. However, it only needs up to an hour of recovery time before you’re ready to leave the clinic and get on with your day.

What minor operations do VisitHealth do?

Skin lesion removal: benign skin lesions such as moles, skin tags, cysts and lipomas Excision of small tumours: surgical removal of small tumours or growths that do not require general anaesthesia or complex procedures Wound repair: stapling or suturing lacerations or wounds to allow proper healing Ingrown toenail surgery: removing part of the nail or the whole nail

What’s different about having minor surgery at VisitHealth?

VisitHealth will never make you wait for an appointment, and are able to get you on the operating table as soon as you are available. Our surgeons are available seven days a week. You will be taken care of in our day care unit for a really relaxing and comfortable experience while you recover.


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