Fujifilm X-ray

VisitHealth's X-ray units are designed to accommodate you wherever is suitable for your needs - whether that’s in the medical centre or wherever you are, and at any time. If travel is difficult, or just inconvenient, our specialists will come to your home or place of care. Please, don't forget that referral is mandatory for this diagnostic.We work with Fujifilm because its imaging is world-class, and the company has been the leading innovator in high-performance X-ray imaging diagnostics for the past 20 years. Their machines use a low dose of radiation for the safest examinations.

X-rays are a type of radiation which are able to pass through the body without being seen or felt. Different parts of the body absorb the rays at different rates, which is picked up on a detector on the other side of the body to form an image. The denser parts (eg. bones) are harder to pass through, and show up as white imagery, whereas the softer parts (eg. organs) are easier to travel through and show up as dark. These images are studied by our specialist radiologist.

X-rays are usually used to look at bones and joints, and more occasionally soft tissue.

  • Bone fractures, breaks and abnormalities
  • Lung problems such as lung cancer or pneumonia
  • Some heart conditions
  • Breast cancer
  • Teeth problems
  • Swallowing problems such as dysphagia

Worrying and waiting is one of the worst parts of feeling something is wrong. At VisitHealth we don't make you wait. You'll be seen immediately, and any tests or referrals will happen with minimal waiting time and rapid access to a healthcare professional. As well as fixed machines, we also use mobile units, meaning we can travel to you at a time that’s convenient to you, which is virtually unheard of for imaging diagnostics. VisitHealth will schedule your X-ray any day of the week, to suit you. For fast and accurate diagnosis, anytime, anywhere. Don't forget that referral is mandatory for this diagnostic.