Private MRI

Enjoy some of the most advanced scanning technology the world has to offer.

Our open MRI scanner removes the problem of enclosed spaces for clients who aren’t comfortable with the tubes of closed MRI machines.

The Fujifilm Oasis Velocity Open MRI has an important advantage over typical closed MRI machines, with patients enjoying a much less enclosed, higher-visibility space while the state-of-the-art imaging technology captures better images, supporting a more confident diagnosis.

The most powerful open MRI technology available in the UK, our 1.2 Tesla scanner offers the highest-quality imaging, enabling more accurate diagnoses.

Why choose us

Our clinic’s modern technology produces excellent images for a reliable diagnosis:

  • an open scanner with better visibility
  • no radiation, no pain, no problem
  • privacy

Costs and financing

The simpler scans our medical staff expertly take care of start at £625.

Brain MRI£720
One spine area MRI (e.g., cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrococcygeal)£700
One joint area MRI (e.g., elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle)£625
Breast MRI, standard protocol£625
Both hip joints MRI£900
Foot MRI£625


Finding VisitHealth for your MRI scans means you’ve found a calm, highly professional and spotless space to apply leading-edge technology. You’ll see how easy it all is when you call to book an appointment as soon as you’re ready. We also love simply taking your questions.