Private GP (General Practitioner)


VisitHealth’s GPs have a wide range of experience and are available immediately to investigate anything that might be worrying you.Our fully qualified General Practitioners (GPs) can meet you at our clinic, over the phone, or will travel to you seven days a week, 365 days a year.If they think you need a referral, they will connect you instantly with one of our experienced specialists, who are on hand at all times at our ultra-modern west London medical centre with the latest scanning and imaging technology for rapid diagnosis. The team will then work together to create a bespoke treatment plan.Our team is here for you to feel better. Fast.

What conditions or symptoms does a GP specialise in?

As a General Practitioner, a GP will assess your health and treat all common medical conditions. From there, they may coordinate your healthcare with VisitHealth's specialist teams if needed.

What’s different about seeing a GP at VisitHealth?

Waiting for results and answers is probably one of the worst parts of feeling unwell. VisitHealth will schedule your appointment to see a GP immediately, for a time to suit you, any day of the week. You can see the doctor at the clinic or they will come to wherever you are. If needed, they will refer you for immediate tests that give you results straight away. Their priority is to understand your problem and solve it without delay.